Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Dane Burman, nosegrind. Photo: Rhoades
Frontside nosegrind. Photo: JT Rhoades.

Congratulations to Dane Burman - winner of the 2014 Slam Video Part of the Year Award for his section in Zero's Cold War, as voted by you.

Filming for Dane's section in Zero Skateboards' 2013 flick saw him pushing his limits further than ever before. With his heart set on last part, Burman dug deep to produce one of the gnarliest video parts to date - all killer, no filler. Congrats, Dane. $500 is coming your way.

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Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Dane Burman, backside five-o. Photo: Burnett

Backside five-o. Photo: Michael Burnett.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Dane Burman, switch flip boardslide. Photo: Darwen

Switch kickflip boardslide. Photo: Jake Darwen.

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Slam Skateboarding Magazine - Issue 206. Cover: Brandon Westgate, ollie, Brisbane. Photo: Jake Darwen