Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Sammy Winter is pro!

Sammy Winter is Cliché Skateboards' newest pro. Congratulations, Sammy! Check out his debut pro model graphic above, "Delivery Room", with art by the legendary Marc McKee. Classic. Enjoy a dose of always-stylish Sammy footage below.

Sammy's pro clip.


His epic Bon Voyage part remixed by Manolo.


You can also enjoy a cool arty clip by French Fred of Sammy skating an empty museum in Paris.


Watch Sammy shred New Zealand with Andrew Brophy, Jack Fardell, Bjorn Johnston, Josh Pall and more in our exclusive No Rules in NZ clip.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Sammy Winter, switch 360 flip. Photo: Andrew Peters
Switch 360 flip, Perth. Photo: Andrew Peters. Download as a wallpaper here.

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Slam Skateboarding Magazine - Issue 206. Cover: Brandon Westgate, ollie, Brisbane. Photo: Jake Darwen